Steel Rebar

KSh 1,500



Steel Rebar is a steel reinforcement bar that improves the tensile strength of concrete. If you are in Kiambu, Nairobi, or Ruaka and you have a big construction project coming up, then we recommend you get in touch with us to place an order of steel rebars. Our hardware store supplies the highest quality steel rebars in Kenya.

Features of a steel rebar

  • 100% welding capability
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • It has high yield strength and toughness
  • Superior bonding strength
  • Wide range of application e.g. bridges, commercial buildings, and residential buildings
  • Has high thermal resistance
  • It is both malleable and ductile
  • Great tensile strength

Order Steel Rebars today

Ready to get started on your construction project? Call us today to place your order on steel rebars within Nairobi, Ruaka, and Kiambu.


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