Deformed Bars

KSh 1,300



Are you looking for ways to add extra reinforcement to your construction project? Deformed bars are excellent for this. They are perfect for reinforcing concrete structures such as construction of roads, buildings, bridges, and industries. If you are in Kiambu, Nairobi, or Ruaka, get in touch with us today to order deformed bars for your project.

Benefits of deformed bars

  • They are durable and will provide support for many years
  • Deformed bars are reliable when building heavy structures
  • They provide more support and stability to a building
  • The bars can withstand mechanical stress and weight
  • Deformed bars do not corrode or rust, thereby adding integrity to the building

Order deformed bars today

Are you ready to order deformed bars today? Call us today to place your order within Ruaka, Kiambu, and Nairobi.


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