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Do you have a big building project coming up that requires hollow steel bars? Hollow steel bars help to provide support to heavy walls in building structures and add integrity to a building. If you are in Kiambu, Nairobi, or Ruaka, we can supply you with hollow steel bars for your building project. Visit our hardware store to check out the steel bars we have in store for you.

Benefits of hollow steel bars

Here are some of the reasons why you need to add hollow steel bars to your building:

  • Steel bars are cost effective during construction
  • The heavy nature of the bars helps to provide maximum support to the building
  • Steel is anti-corrosive hence the material will not weaken over time due to rust
  • Hollow steel bars have a wide range of applications e.g. conveyor rolls and hollow shafts

Get started today

If you are in Kiambu, Ruaka, or Nairobi, call us today to place an order on high quality durable hollow steel bars.



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