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Are you located in Nairobi, Ruaka, or Kiambu thinking of how to upgrade the look of your home? Twyford tiles are the solution you’re looking for. Adding tiles to your bathroom and kitchen will help to revamp your home. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain, therefore making them the perfect addition to your home especially if you lead a busy lifestyle.

Benefits of Twyford tiles

Below are some of the reasons why your kitchen and bathroom could really use Twyford tiles. They include:

Water resistant

Tiles are resistant to water, making them excellent for damp environments in the house like the kitchen and bathroom.

Resistant to growth of mold

As you know, mold likes to grow on wet or moist environments e.g. wood or cement surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. With Twyford tiles, you won’t have to worry about the growth of mold in your kitchen or bathroom because the tiles do not absorb moisture.

Cost effective

The only costs you will incur with these tiles are purchase and installation costs. The tiles require little to no maintenance, making them very cost effective in the long run.

Fire resistant

If you want to make your home more fire proof, then you need to install these tiles into your home. The tiles can withstand high temperatures without catching fire and will therefore prevent fast fire spread in the event of a fire outbreak in your home. This may give you enough time to put out the fire and control the situation.

Long lasting

Twyford tiles are incredibly durable and will serve you for many years.

Aesthetic appeal

The tiles come in different colors and designs, which allows them to add a look of attractiveness to your bathroom and kitchen.


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