Nguvu Cement

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Nguvu cement is a pozzolanic concrete cement with a diverse range of applications such as large construction projects and domestic concrete. If you are in Kiambu, Ruaka, or Nairobi looking for concrete that offers great strength, versatility, and excellent performance, then Nguvu cement is what you are looking for.


Nguvu cement is made from cement clinker and is ground together with other components e.g. natural pozzolana, according to the requirements of the EN 197 Part 1 standards of specification, conformity, and composition criteria for common cements.

Benefits of Nguvu Cement

  • The cement sets fast once it is applied
  • It is easy to mix and apply
  • The cement has good early 28 day strengths
  • The pozzolanic component makes the concrete resistance to suplhate
  • It produces smooth plastering
  • The concrete is durable and resilient
  • It has great stick ability and bonding
  • The concrete is water resistant
  • It is resistant to high temperatures, making it fire-safe


Here are some of the areas where you can use Nguvu cement for your building projects:

  • Reinforced concrete e.g. water retaining structures, beams, and staircases
  • Medium strength concrete e.g. foundations, mass concrete, and domestic floors
  • Precast concrete e.g. slabs, paving blocks, and road kerbs

Safety tips

  • When applying the cement, wear dust masks because inhaling cement can cause irritation of the lungs, nose, and throat.
  • Avoid getting the cement in contact with your eyes because it may cause serious damage. Wear safety goggles or glasses.
  • Avoid prolonged direct skin contact with wet cement since it may lead to serious burns. Wear impervious shoes, protective clothing, and gloves.
  • In case the cement is ingested, do not induce vomiting.  Take a lot of water to wash out the mouth as well as the digestive tract.


Nguvu cement has a standardized mark as well as a top quality diamond mark issued by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.


Are you ready to get started on your project with Nguvu Cement in Ruaka, Kiambu, or Nairobi? Give us a call today.



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