Blue Mabati



If you have a roofing project in Nairobi, Ruaka, and Kiambu, then Blue Mabati is the perfect roofing material for you. We offer differet sizes of Blue Mabati at our hardware store, so ensure you visit us to check out the best size for your project. Whether you want a textured or gloss finished mabati, we have it all at our store.

Benefits of Blue Mabati

Below are some of the reasons why you need to order blue mabati for your roof. They include:

  • It is aesthetically pleasing and will make your property more attractive
  • The mabati has a width of 1015 mm, which ensures maximum coverage
  • The mabati has an anti-capillary groove, which prevents leakages
  • It has excellent resistance against corrosion, hence it will not rust
  • The mabati is durable and can last for more than 20 years

Call us today to place an order of high quality, durable, and attractive Blue Mabati in Ruaka, Kiambu, and Nairobi


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